Message from Minister Kent

The Honourable Peter Kent

Canadians can personally experience many of the most important sites of the great fight for Canada at Parks Canada national historic sites.  The expert and energetic Parks Canada team is waiting to welcome Canadians to unforgettable experiences in dramatic and evocative landscapes, forts and buildings. These powerful places vividly tell the story of how a fiery, tense and uncertain conflict brought forth unity of purpose, bravery and perseverance as the horror and destruction of war swept through fields and farms, homes and cities. It is a remarkable shared history that helps us connect with our roots, values and aspirations as a nation.

Our Government is proud to be leading the commemoration of the War of 1812 and to be telling some of the most moving and inspiring stories from this time of conflict and courage at Parks Canada national historic sites.  With more than twenty War of 1812 sites, Parks Canada is the leading presenter of historic experiences from this pivotal era in North American history.  Knowledgeable Parks Canada staff will captivate all ages and interests with fascinating stories, an authentic sense of place and interactive and experiential programs that will ignite your imagination and engage your senses.

The War of 1812 was a turning point in Canada's history, and Canada's national historic sites are at the very centre of the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. For the next three years, these sites will resonate with authentic, not-to-be-missed events, including experiencing the lifestyle of 1812 at home and on the front lines, fireworks, spectacles, concerts of modern and period music, tall ship visits, grand encampments and military re-enactments on the actual battlefields.

As you plan your travels and vacations for the coming years, put these places on your agenda: Fort George (Niagara-on-the-Lake) and Queenston Heights on the Niagara Peninsula; Fort Malden (Amherstburg) in southwestern Ontario; Fort Wellington in eastern Ontario; Fort St. Joseph, in the Algoma district of Ontario; Fort Lennox, Fort Chambly, Coteau-du-Lac and the Battle of Chateauguay in Quebec; St. Andrews Blockhouse and Carleton Martello Tower in New Brunswick; the Halifax Defence Complex in Nova Scotia; and Signal Hill in Newfoundland.

And this amazing array is just a small part of the unsurpassed collection of natural and historic treasures - including world heritage sites - that Parks Canada protects and presents on behalf of Canadians, all of them ready to welcome you to make memories for a life time.